Yenne Kids' Academy


Yenne Kids' Academy (YKA) is a school of the future, resolutely focused on innovation and the evolution of teaching methods. Through our use of cutting-edge technology, our pedagogical approach focused on personalized learning, the development of 21st century skills, our commitment to sustainability and our openness to the world, we prepare our students to succeed in an ever-changing world. As a school of the future, we push the boundaries of traditional education to develop tomorrow's leaders who are globally aware, creative, agile and ready to shape the future.

Green Campus

100% Paperless & Cashless payments

Hybrid classes

All classrooms are configured as hybrid learning classrooms with the latest e-learning technology providing access to early STEM initiation and skills development, to bring the world to our young students and our students to the world.


Open learning campus

The school is designed to international standards, using an open-space learning campus concept. The optimized classrooms provide a conducive, sunny and warm learning environment where our children can flourish and be encouraged to enter the world as fully mature and well-rounded leaders.